School Gymnasium, France

The renovation of a school gymnasium in France, led by builder and installer Sibold, focused on the installation of ceiling panels with the goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing and functional space. 

Covering approximately 250 m2, this renovation aimed to seamlessly integrate the architect’s design into the construction. Facing challenges in efficiently installing the ceiling panels while adhering to design specifications with acoustic solution, Sibold turned to Fastmount’s panel mounting solutions, supplied through the French distributor Domarine, to address these crucial aspects.

The implementation of the Stratlock Rail System not only facilitated an efficient installation process but also provided the adaptability needed to create a custom framework supporting the ceiling panels. A combination of the SL-RLE, SL-RCF90 and SL-FA-FR/M18FR were used to achieve the precise alignment of the negative detail of the ceiling panels.

What makes this integration of the Stratlock Rail System unique is that the client chose to only run parallel rails in one direction without any crosspieces in between the SL-RLE. This solution not only met safety regulations but also contributed to the overall success of the school gymnasium renovation project.

Fastmount’s role in the French school gymnasium renovation showcases its commitment to innovation and adaptability, providing practical solutions tailored to the needs of builders and installers. The collaboration with the French distributor Domarine ensured the smooth incorporation of Fastmount products, contributing to a successfully transformed space that adheres to design and safety specifications. This case study underscores Fastmount’s ongoing contribution to construction projects through the provision of dependable and efficient panel mounting solutions.