How to Attach Heavyweight Panels with Hidden Fixings

December 21, 2023

Mounting heavyweight panels to a timber framework demands reliable and robust fastening solutions that ensure longevity.

The MC-F10 and MC-F5 from the Metal Range are engineered to securely attach heavy panels, offering a concealed fastening method. This proves instrumental when working with heavy-duty gridwall panels, heavy-duty slatwall panels, or any other substantial wall panelling. The design of these clips prioritises stability while maintaining a discreet profile, ensuring the aesthetic and functional integrity of the heavy panel installation.

These heavy-duty panel fasteners are designed to provide lasting stability, making them suitable for various applications.

Below we show you how to attach a heavyweight panel using hidden fixings by mounting a heavy MDF with concrete facing to timber framework, using the Fastmount MC-F10 and MC-F5 from our Metal Range.

See below the video for tools and products required, as well as step-by-step instructions.

Tools and Products Required

Installation Steps

Installing MC-F10 into substrate

Installing MC-M5 into panel and mounting