Setting the Standard in Panel Mounting for Architecture

Setting the Standard in Panel Mounting for Architecture

Setting the Standard in Panel Mounting for Architecture

Setting the Standard in Panel Mounting for Architecture

Fastmount® is fast becoming the standard for panel mounting in the architectural industry, favoured for offering a wide variety of options for different removable panel and substrate types, and providing a perfectly aligned interior finish. 

Architects, specifiers and joiners are finding applications in retail, hotels, hospitality, furniture design and civic buildings.

Fastmount’s award-winning product range offers many benefits. Compatible with CNC machining, Fastmount fits seamlessly into the interior construction process, allowing installers to prefabricate and install clips off-site, reducing time on-site which increases construction efficiencies. Panels are easily removed to provide access to hidden services or to allow for cleaning.


Benefits & Applications

  • Perfect alignment of interior panels
  • Hidden, secure and removable fixings
  • Suited to CNC machining of panels & substrates
  • Panels can be installed after other trades, and removed easily for servicing
  • Reduced installation time onsite
  • Wide range of clips designed to suit a range of install preferences
  • Extra heavy duty clips for heavyweight panels
  • Fire-rated clips available
  • Commercial and residential interior construction
  • Prefinished wall and ceiling panels – decorative or functional
  • Complex or curved panels; headboards
  • Acoustic panels
  • Hotel fitouts
  • Seasonal shop fitouts
  • Large scale civic buildings (universities, courthouses, hospitals)
  • Facilities maintenance
  • Art installations and concept projects

Most Commonly Used Products

PC – Standard Range

The Standard Range offers hidden panel mounting solutions for a variety of applications, and includes self-tapping, screw and adhesive fix options. Pull-out loads vary from 5-15kg, depending on the male clip used. The Standard Range is ideal for mounting wall and ceiling panels where the standoff between frame and panel does not need to be kept to a minimum. Male and female clips are interchangeable within the range. Common uses: wall and ceiling panels, acoustic panels, prefabricated panels and seat backs.

VL – Very Low Profile Range

The Very Low Profile Range offers the least space between panel and substrate, and is suited to very thin substrates and/or panels with no special tools required for installation. Clips can be recessed, screw, rivet or adhesive fixed. Pull-out loads vary from 5-10kg per clip set, with a certified fire-rated version available. Common uses: thin upholstered plywood panels, signage, aluminium honeycomb panels.

SL – Stratlock

The Stratlock Range is a heavy-duty panel mounting solution for installing heavy interior panels mounted to the Stratlock Rail System. With no special installation tools required, the Stratlock Range is a hidden fixing that installs rapidly into the framework and panel, provides 360° adjustment of the panel before locking into place, and boasts our highest shear strength and pull out load. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand specifically for the contract interior fit-out industry. Typical applications include heavy wall and ceiling panels in the interiors of hotels, hospitals, retail and residential. A complete fit-to-finish solution for your project. Patent Pending.