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Stratlock Rail System with SL-SMT1
The Stratlock at Interzum


The full collection of installation videos for our clips, categorised by range.

Fastmount PC-RF1 & PC-M1B Installation
PC-F1A & PC-M1B Standard Range Self Tapping
Fastmount PC-RF1 & PC-SM2 Installation
Fastmount PC-SF1 & PC-M1B Installation
Fastmount PC-F1A & PC-SM2 Installation
Fastmount PC-SF1 & PC-SM2 Installation
Fastmount PC-SM1AC & PC-F1A Installation
Fastmount PC-F1A + PC-SVMX Installation
Mounting interior panels to concrete walls with PC-DC1

Fastmount LP-F8 & LP-M8A Installation
Fastmount LP-DF8 & LP-SM8AS Installation
Fastmount LP-F8 & LP-SM8AS Installation
Fastmount LP-DF8 & LP-M8A Installation
Fastmount LP-SMX & LP-AF8A Installation

Fastmount VL-F3 & VL-M3 Installation

Mounting fire-rated panels with the new MC-SM5 & MC-SM5-VHBFR
Fastmount MC-F5 & MC-M5/10 Installation
How to install Fastmount Stainless Steel Clips: MC-SSM10 to MC-SSF10

Using the new SL-FC to attach panels to solid substrates
Stratlock Range - Attaching heavy panels to wooden framework
Mount heavyweight panels to aluminum frames with the Stratlock® SL-FA
Mounting heavyweight panels with the Stratlock® SL-SFA
Mounting heavyweight panels to steel extrusion framework with the Stratlock® SL-FB
SL-SMT1 Installation Video

Stratlock Rail System Installation
Fastmount Stratlock® Rail System: Rethink how you frame and mount panels
How to install suspended ceilings using Fastmount Stratlock® SL-SMT1

Fabric-to-fabric fastening with the new TC-SM6S
Fastening upholstery with Fastmount’s new TC-F6H
Securing carpets with TC-CF3 to TC-CM6 or TC-CSM6

How to remove panels using Fastmount’s CT-05H

How To

Created in collaboration with Plytech, our How To Guides highlight popular Plytech panel types with recommended Fastmount clips.

Attaching Decorative Panels to Drywall
Creating Negative Detail With Hidden Fixings
Attaching Ceiling Panels to Rondo Rail with Hidden Fixings
Mounting Heavy Wall Panels with Hidden Fixings