PodSuite, La Tienda Naval

In the pursuit of innovative solutions for the hotel industry, La Tienda Naval, Fastmount’s Spanish distributor, embarked on a creative venture that resulted in the PodSuite. The modular, self-standing structure showcases both sustainability and adaptability and aims to create a versatile room that could be easily modified to meet the dynamic needs of the hotel market.

La Tienda Naval, known for its commitment to excellence in marine solutions, undertook the challenge of creating a demountable room to cater specifically to the hotel sector. Leveraging their expertise in marine-grade materials and Fastmount’s cutting-edge solutions, they set out to design a modular space that would redefine the concept of flexibility and ease in hospitality environments.

The PodSuite is a 2.5x2x5 metre cube, designed for effortless assembly and disassembly. The framework utilises Fastmount’s Stratlock Rail system using the SL-RLE and Stratlock Rail connectors, providing a secure and adaptable grid for the entire structure. The panels consist of PVC, teak, and marine plywood, combining durability with an aesthetic that exudes warmth and sophistication. Clips used throughout the SuitePod include the SL-FA, SL-FB and SL-M10. The SL-SMT1 has also been utilised in conjunction with PS-S150E to ensure the safety of the ceiling panels.

The time required for dismantling the room is a mere 45 minutes, while reassembly takes approximately one hour. This efficiency enables rapid modifications to meet evolving hotel space requirements.

A standout feature of the PodSuite is its ability to be flat-packed and transported in a crate once dismantled. This not only streamlines logistics but also makes it a cost-effective and convenient solution for hotels looking to refresh or reconfigure their spaces periodically.

This case study highlights the transformative impact of collaborative creativity, where a commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge design converge to redefine possibilities in the hotel industry.