How to Attach Decorative Panels to Drywall

December 19, 2023

Achieving a flawless and visually appealing finish when mounting decorative panels onto a plasterboard substrate can be easily accomplished with Fastmount’s innovative Low Profile Range, specifically the LP-DF8 and LP-M8A clips. These discreet and efficient solutions ensure a stunning aesthetic result without any visible fixings, enhancing the overall appeal of the installed panels.

The Low Profile Range, designed for a low-profile and concealed installation process, incorporates features such as drywall screw clips, ensuring a secure and robust attachment method for both decorative and functional panels. The LP-DF8 and the LP-M8A provide a secure and virtually invisible mounting for removable panels attached to drywall.

This offers an elegant and reliable solution for those seeking a sophisticated look in their decorative panel installations.

Below you’ll find a video that demonstration this process, with the required tools, products and step-by-step instructions underneath.

Tools and Products Required

Installation Steps

Installing LP-DF8 into drywall

Installing LP-M8A into panel and mounting