Salone del Mobile Milano

At this year’s Salone del Mobile Milano, Fastmount is behind the scenes of the S.Project Space, thanks to a collaboration with Fastmount distributor Promotech ItaliaSaib and Diego Grandi

At the show, Italian panel manufacturer Saib presents Riff Wall System, a wall covering series designed by interior designer Diego Grandi which is based on chipboard panels made with 100% recycled wood, and is completely recyclable.

Our Stratlock Rail System, to which the panels are attached using the SL-FB and SL-M10 from the Stratlock Range, allows the applications of Riff-Wall System panel modules 30/60cm x 120cm to any type of wall, without any further intervention with the wall upon replacement.

“Grandi’s concept is based on the application of contrasting panel edges which, when combined, bring to life a series of compositions. For example, putting two edges at 45° together to form a V, or by combining one edge at 45° and one at 90°, very different graphic solutions are obtained,” says Saib. 

His concept is completed with an integrated lighting system from Promotech Italia, which is a thin, linear LED strip built into the edge of each panel. The system is available in four mood boards with 12 finishes.

Learn how the Stratlock Rail System works here.