Private Residence, Auckland, New Zealand

Closeup paneling

Master bedroom

Feature paneling

Ceiling panelling

Games room

Panelled wall

Exposed brick wall

A luxury home in the new Auckland development of Whitford has had its interior designed specifically to draw attention to its paneling.

The deep, moody atmosphere was created throughout areas of the home with the use of dark timber veneered MDF supplied by Prime Panels and installed by Fastmount Approved Installer, Marine Dynamics. The veneered panels were used throughout the house, including the games room, dining room, TV room and master bedroom.

The games room featured panels on both the ceiling and walls. The wall panels covered a concrete block wall, onto which timber grounds were secured to receive the PC-F1A female clip from the Standard Range. The PC-M1B males were screwed into the back of the panels, which were placed specifically to create a negative detail between the panels.

The negative detail featured on the wall paneling contrasted with the overlay strips used on the ceiling panels throughout the house. The ceiling finish was created with a combination of the PC-F1A and PC-RF1 female clips and the PC-M1B male clip from the Standard Range.

“The common challenge in doing commercial work is that the grounds that we need to fasten into are not always to the standard we require for the accuracy needed for a perfect finish, but with the Fastmount PC-F1A clips having some tolerance with being able to adjust the clip in and out of the frame, it helps solve this problem,” said Todd Meyer, Marine Dynamics installer. “The owner had a distinct vision, and loved the outcome.”