Sudima Hotel, New Zealand

Sudima hotel

Hotel lobby

International hotel chain, Sudima Hotels recently resurrected a project in Christchurch, New Zealand with the assistance of Fastmount’s Very Low Profile Range, with an impressive result.

The $25 million redevelopment of the 4.5 star hotel included the redesign of the conference facilities, designed to hold up to 400 guests at a time.

Due to the project sitting idle for months without a roof, the interior had been exposed to the winter weather, resulting in warped and bleached timber frames. The options were to either completely rebuild, or cover the frames with panels. In order to create a feature wall in the space, the warped frames had to be packed out with battens, to be ready for panel installation.

Robin Grant, Construction Manager of Simple Solution Intex Ltd, was seeking a hidden fastening system to attach the panels to the battens on the wall. The project used the Very Low Profile clip set, VL-03, which allowed them to recess the clips into the battens, creating a flush result.

“I was looking for hidden fixings that were going into the battens on the wall, and I needed to create a negative detail around each Decortech panel. I have been extremely impressed with the Fastmount clips that we used on this feature wall. The international owner of the Sudima Hotel chain was here for the opening and was very happy with the result,” said Grant.

The VL-03 range was designed for mounting removable thin wall panels and facings, requiring less depth in comparison to the other Fastmount ranges. The VL-M3 and VL-F3 can be fixed with a screw or with a 2 part epoxy adhesive. The versatility of the clip allowed the uneven nature of the battening to be less problematic, giving the option to either surface or recess mount the clip where necessary.