AY46 Mondango 3, Alloy Yachts International

The Mondango 3 sailing yacht made its debut in February 2014, setting a new standard for elegance and performance in the world of superyachts. Crafted by the renowned Alloy Yachts International Ltd, with interior design by Reymond Langton Design and naval architecture by Dubois Naval Architects, AY46 Mondango 3 is a testament to the collaborative efforts of industry leaders. To enhance the yacht’s interior aesthetics and functionality, Fastmount products were carefully selected and seamlessly integrated into the design.

The interior design of the AY46 Mondango 3 demanded a combination of precision and flexibility, particularly with the curved walls throughout the vessel. The challenge was to find a reliable solution for attaching and detaching interior panels and components quickly while maintaining a flawless aesthetic. Fastmount clips are an effective solution due to their effectiveness in addressing the challenges of curved wall installations, contributing to a refined finish without compromising functionality.

The PC-F1A, PC-M1B and PC-M2H clips from the Standard Range were fully integrated into the entire structure of the vessel, both interior and exterior, within the ceiling and walls.

The yacht’s interior boasts a flawless aesthetic, with panels and components seamlessly blending into the overall design. The Fastmount system offered the desired flexibility, enabling easy removal and reinstallation of interior elements, facilitating maintenance and customization without compromising on quality or elegance.