United Airlines Lounge, Houston

The United Airlines Club Lounge in Houston recently received a revamp, with comfortable executive seating being a key part of the design. The lounge seating modules, designed in Italy, were made using Fastmount clips for the perfect finish.

Both the leather and metal panels were attaching using Fastmount products. The Low Profile range was chosen to ensure a flush finish, giving the lounge seats a luxurious feel.

Fastmount clips also helped make the shipping process easier. The seating modules were made in Italy and then transported to Houston, USA. Having a panel mounting system which allowed panels to be easily removed and securely reattached meant that the units could be disassembled and protected, avoiding damage to the high-end finishes during shipping.

Maintenance going forward in this high traffic environment will be easy, with replacement of any panels showing wear able to be popped onto the modules. Also, wiring for the Flos Miss K lighting and internet connections will be accessible should that be required.