Steeler Flatfloor 46′, EU Powerboat of the Year


superyacht interior

Two innovative companies have combined to return award-winning results – Steeler Yachts and Fastmount.

Hailing from the Netherlands, Steeler Yachts has been awarded with Powerboat of the Year 2015 at the Dusseldorf Boat Show in October for their original design of the Steeler Panorama FlatFloor 46. Featuring panoramic windows throughout the entire yacht and a level floor from stem to stern, the 14.5m motoryacht has broken ground in the yacht world.

The use of Fastmount clips enabled Steeler to mount interior and exterior panels safely and in a uniform manner, to ensure a consistent design throughout the boat. Fastmount’s cunning hidden design meant that there were no unsightly fixings visible on the face of the panels, giving a flawless finish to the interior.

Interior panels were mounted with the PC-F1A and PC-M2H from the Standard Range. The high pull out load of the PC-M2H provided the ideal solution to securely mount the 12mm thick painted plywood panels to the ceiling and walls of the boat, while also allowing for removability to access wiring and hidden componentry.

The combination of the PC-F1A and PC-M2H ensured the award winning interior finish was achieved with ease, and security that it would remain that way for years to come.