Métro Rennes uses Stratlock Range

With trends towards increased public building sizes (hotels, hospitals, universities) requiring fire-retardant materials and the requirement for more streamlined construction processes as a result of the large-scale projects scaling up post COVID, the need for products that enable streamlining of interior fitouts is high.

Professional interior fitout company, Volutique, based in Rennes, France recently chose the Fastmount Stratlock® Range Fire-Rated Series to mount 900 decorative panels in 2500m2 of public space in 7 stations of the Rennes subway.

The project was able to meet public building fire standards by using 18,000 pairs of SL-FB-FR and SL-M18-FR clips on the chipboard and stainless-steel covered panels, with some of the largest measuring 2440mm tall by 1140mm wide, and weighing up to 80kg each.

The SL-M18-FR was simply screwed to the 16mm M1 fire-rated panel and mounted into the SL-FB-FR which was clipped into a horizontal steel framework on the wall. The result was a substantial saving in installation time, and a superior finish on the removable panels, which can be removed and refitted easily for maintenance of services (access to cables and plumbing).

Clips available in the Stratlock Range Fire-Rated Series are the female SL-FA-FR, SL-SFA-FR, SL-FB-FR and the male SL-M18-FR, and all Underwriter Laboratory fire-rating tests are available on the Fastmount website. The series is available now from Authorised Distributors worldwide.