Mercy Ascot Hospital, New Zealand

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hospital bedhead

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hospital bedhead

Hospital exterior

A private hospital in Auckland, New Zealand went through a half-life refit with a short timeframe over the Christmas holiday period in 2014-2015. Fastmount Low Profile clips were used to replace the headboards for thirty four beds in conjunction with the refit, which would typically require dismantling and rebuilding the entire structure and headboard. Fastmount allowed the architects and construction team to re-think the paneling process, which reduced the build and installation time.

Due to the demanding hospital environment, it was paramount that panels could be easily removed, repaired and replaced, and have the ability for an entirely new panel to be inserted if need be. Working with Jasmax Architects, removable panels were designed in order to access the services which were housed in the headboard structure, such as electrical and monitoring wires for the room, and light and power switches.

Two key factors influenced the way that Fastmount was implemented into the design of the headboards. The first and foremost concern was the lack of time – the ‘half-life’ renovation was to be conducted over the Christmas shutdown period, and needed to be ready in time for reopening in the new year. Secondly, the fact that it wasn’t a total renovation meant that the team needed a way to attach a new headboard, without having to remove the pre-existing permanent panels, and undertake a complete refit of the headboard structure.

As a solution to the tight timeframe, new specialised ply panels were designed to simply cover the existing headboards, using the Fastmount Low Profile Range to mount the panels with hidden fixings. This allowed the panels to be not only robustly and precisely fastened with a strong shear load, but also aesthetically pleasing.

“The hospital is full of situations where access is required to maintain, renew or update systems and Fastmount is ideal to facilitate access for these changes” – Laurie Hubbard, Construction Manager

The Fastmount panel mounting system enables quick and easy removal, repair and refit of panels in tough environments where time is valuable. Use of the system meant that spare pre-made panels could be clipped into place efficiently in busy times.

The Fastmount Low Profile range is ideal for applications that require less depth, with lateral movement in the female clip, making it a versatile option for headboards, thin and curved wall panels, and acoustic panels.