The Top 5 Queries About Fastmount Panel Mounting Systems

February 21, 2024

As leaders in our field, we often get a lot of queries about how our panel mounting system works and why it is the preferred alternative. We’re more than happy to field any questions and help our customers understand how to use our product.

We typically get a lot of questions around how the hidden panel fixings are installed and the durability and reliability of our clips.

We’ve put together some answers below to the most frequently asked questions, but if you have a burning query that we haven’t covered please check out our FAQ page or feel free to get in touch.

What are the benefits of using the Fastmount Panel Mounting System?

Perfect alignment

A unique CentrePoint is available for each of our product ranges to ensure the perfect alignment. After installing the female clip into the substrate you clip in the CentrePoint then offer up the panel – allowing you to line up and mark your panels before drilling and mounting. We also provide CAD (computer aided design) files for all of our products to make it easier to layout the design, allowing you to use CNC cutting to pre-fabricate the panels off-site.

Easy installation

Essentially, installation is just connecting the female and male clips together to secure the panels. We provide a range of install types (self-tapping, screw fix, adhesive fix, etc) and comprehensive installation guides so that you can’t go wrong. Because you can pre-drill panels off site, you can reduce labour cost and also the risk of panel damage during the build.

Less downtime for refit

The system allows for non-sequential removal and refit of panels, so you can easily replace worn or damaged panels using the clips already in place.

Panels are removable

Not only are the panels removable, but the clips have been designed to be disengaged at least 500 times before losing any integrity. We supply the appropriate removal tools to make it a smooth process.

Safe and secure

We are proud to produce a product of high-quality design and manufacturing that has a long history of performance. When you use Fastmount for your project you can be assured that whatever panel you are mounting will be held safe and secure.

Your clips are made from plastic – does that mean they’ll break easily?

Far from it! Testing shows that Fastmount plastic fasteners can be disengaged at least 500 times and still continue to perform without any loss of integrity. In the production process we select preferential engineering polymers that are durable and reusable (as well as recyclable). Each product sheet notes the pull-out load for each clip, but some ranges can accommodate up to 32kg. Every clip has been third party tested by SGS NZ to confirm its pull out and shear loading – you can download test reports here.

Some may argue that plastic fasteners are not a good choice because they aren’t fireproof, however our Very Low Profile, Metal and Stratlock Ranges are available in fire-rated options.

We are proud to say that some of our customers have had clips in use for over 19 years, without any loss of quality or efficacy.

fire rated clip
The VL-03FR clip after fire-resistant testing

Which clips should I use for my project?

This will depend on the type of panel you are installing, and the substrate it is being mounted on. There are seven Fastmount ranges designed for different applications, offering various installation types, pull out loads and shear strengths. The following is a brief summary, but to get a better idea of which clips are suitable for your project you can visit our Product Selector tool: Product Selector – Fastmount™ Panel Mounting. Fastmount also provide a full technical service to help you select the correct clips.

  • Substrates: Plywood, Aluminium, Composite, steel frames, Stratlock Rail System, Timber battens or frames, Concrete, Drywall (e.g. gib), MDF
  • Panels: Plywood panel, Synthetic panel, Honeycomb panel, composite panel, MDF, particle board, acoustic panel
  • Common uses: wall panels, ceiling panels, acoustic panels, prefabricated panels, seat backs, mounting decorative wall panels to drywall substrates, curved panels to curved walls, and non-upholstered panels to walls, thin upholstered plywood panels, signage, aluminium honeycomb panels, heavyweight wall panels, fire-rated panels, metal panels, sun loungers, exterior cushions on superyachts, seat bases and backs

Will the clips be visible once the panels are installed?

No! Fastmount clips offer a seamless and concealed appearance upon installation. The panel fixings are recessed into the panels, with mating components hidden within the structure, resulting in a finished surface that is smooth and devoid of visible hardware. Check out our case studies for some examples of a Fastmount finish: Case Studies | Fastmount™ Panel Mounting.

What maintenance is required for the panel mounting system?

Our hidden panel fixings are specifically designed to be removed and refitted easily. The clips are hidden when in place and require no special maintenance. The system allows for easy access to maintain wiring, electronics and plumbing in the substrate, as well as access to storage behind the panels.

yacht interior

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