Metal Range surface-fix now available

December 10, 2020


Fastmount’s final release of 2020 is two new surface-fix males from the Metal Range. Aiming to further simplify the installation of interior panels, the new MC-SM5 and MC-SM5-VHBFR enable the rapid installation of extremely thin or honeycomb panels without the use of special tools.

Both clips offer fire strength thanks to their stainless steel composition. The MC-SM5 can be screw or rivet fixed to the panel, while the MC-SM5-VHBFR features a fire-rated VHB self-adhesive backing for rapid installation of smooth-surfaced panels. They are compatible with the existing MC-F5 (5kg pull out load), and the MC-F10 (10kg pull out load), which can be chosen according to panel size and weight.

Ideal for interior fire-rated panels, both male clips offer a solution for mounting thin and heavyweight panels, or aluminium honeycomb panels where screwing through the surface is not desired.

A large Dutch yacht builder has used 15,000 sets of the new MC-SM5-VHBFR + MC-F5 to fit out the interior of their latest 100m+ yacht with fire-retardant panels on the walls and ceilings. Fastmount’s MC-SM5-VHBFR was chosen for its fire-rated adhesive backing which reduced installation time; and its sturdy metal composition, which will ensure panel safety regardless of the conditions.

“The Metal Range was our first clip range to provide fire-resistance and was designed in response to increasing superyacht sizes and requirements to meet Lloyds standards, so offering greater flexibility with the screw or adhesive-fix male was a natural evolution of the range. We believe the MC-SM5-VHBFR will be popular thanks to its fire-rated adhesive and the reduction of install time it offers,” comments Gregg Kelly, Managing Director & Head of Innovation at Fastmount.

The new Metal clips will be available from authorized Fastmount distributors worldwide in January 2021, and all technical details are available for download from the Products section.