To achieve a quality installation with perfect finish, use the appropriate installation and removal tools for the different clip ranges


Yard Kit Low Profile

Installation and panel removal tools for Low Profile range. Contains CT-05, CT-09, CT-10 and CT-19.


Service kit

For on-board and on-site maintenance of the Standard Profile range. Contains 14 x PC-M1B, 4 x PC-M2H, 4 x PC-SM2, 4 x PC-SM2H, CT-10 installation tool and CT-05 panel removal tool.


Very Low Profile stainless steel screw

Custom type 303 stainless steel screw for fixing VL-03 and VL-03H clip sets into panels as thin as 5.5mm. Pozi drive head. Supplied with VL-03 and VL-03H clip sets.


Textile Clip removal tool

Plastic Removal tool for releasing multiple TC-F6 female clips. Note: TC-F6 can be manually released by hand.


Textile Range center point

Textile Range centre point with stainless steel tip to mark hole centre in panel for correct clip alignment. See install guide.

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