Counterfeit Products

What is a counterfeit product?

A counterfeit product is an illegally imitated item or product, made or sold under another brand name without Fastmount® authorization. These products are often produced in order to take advantage of the superior value of the imitated product. In Fastmount’s case, this may mean that customers find products that physically appear to be a Fastmount clip or tool, but lack the intensive research and development time that is put into all of our products.

What does Fastmount do to counter counterfeiting?

Fastmount’s reputation as a high-performance product relies on extensive research, product testing and quality control to ensure the consistent, safe performance of our clips. In order to protect this reputation, we will pursue counterfeiting operations responsible for the production, distribution and sale of counterfeit goods. We also pursue unauthorized websites and online auctions which sell counterfeit Fastmount products.

Where do I find official Fastmount products?

Fastmount Panel Mounting Systems can only be bought through an Authorised Distributor or Authorised On-Seller. Please visit the Contact Us section of the website to see our map of Authorised Fastmount Distributors.

Fastmount products are not, and will not be sold through internet auctions or unauthorized online retailers. Fastmount does not sell products at wholesale over the internet.

All genuine Fastmount products have FASTMOUNT.COM and the appropriate clip coding (e.g. VL-03) stamped into them.

Report a counterfeit product

To report counterfeit Fastmount products, please contact [email protected] with the following information:

  • Location Name and Address
  • Type of Location (e.g. online retailer, eBay or other online auction)
  • Details of any Fastmount trademarks used (e.g. Fastmount logo)