TC-CF3 Carpet Clip Female

The TC-CF3 is designed as a carpet clip for 1/8"-3/16" carpet that doesn’t absorb heat from the sun, making it a superior alternative to metal studs that burn sailors’ feet in marine applications. The Fastmount CT-10 installation tool is used to wind the TC-CF3 through a 5/8” hole that has been punched into the carpet. The four wings tighten up onto the underside of the carpet holding it secure. Use with the TC-CM6 on fibreglass or aluminium decks, or the stick-on TC-CSM6 can be used on a painted or fibreglass deck surface. The carpet is then clipped into place holding it secure. Use the CT-05 to lift the carpet off the male clip. 1' 3 ¾" max spacing recommended between clips.

Available in white, black, grey and clear.


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