PC-SVMX Standard Clip – Vario Self Tapping Surface Mount Male Extra Heavy Duty 33lb

The PC-SVMX adds a high shear strength, extra heavy duty option to the Standard Range with a screw fix installation method, removing the need for special installation tools. With a 33lb pull out load, the clip is designed for mounting ceiling or heavyweight wall panels, and has a double detent safety feature providing two stages of clip engagement into the female clip. Can be paired with the PC-SF1, PC-RF1 and PC-AF1 for panel installation without special tools and is also compatible with the PC-F1A. The PC-SVMX features an inbuilt location point on the back of the clip which allows the installer to mark the male clip location on the panel without using a centrepoint (note: use CP-01ST with very hard panels e.g. HPL). See installation guide for more details.


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