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Hidden fastener on chair

Hidden fastening on chair

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One of Europe’s largest commercial chair manufacturers has the contract to make and maintain Bird and Nest chairs for a global restaurant chain’s refit throughout Europe.

They have fully integrated Fastmount into the manufacturing process and maintenance programme. It has undergone the required endurance testing by the Furniture Association and meets all standards.


1. The manufacturing now takes a third of the original time. The assembly of the chair used to take 45 minutes due to the process of gluing upholstered pieces together, then clamping until set. With the use of Fastmount, that time has been reduced to 15 minutes.

2. The large chair has been tested and approved by FCBA, a recognised testing authority and certification throughout Europe. This is compulsory for any chairs used in public in the EU. The test included shear tests on the backrest and arm parts (250,000 cycles of downward impact of 210 kg.)

3. Previously, the complete chair would have to be sent away periodically for maintenance. With Fastmount, the new replacement panel is sent directly to the restaurant, and the worn or damaged panel is removed and replaced with the new panel. This has improved after-sales service and enabled 10 time cost savings.

By using Fastmount, the manufacturer has changed their manufacturing process to provide significant cost savings whilst still delivering a high-quality product. They have also provided their client a solution for optimal restaurant seating and minimal disruption for their diners.

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