Hideaway Chair, Think+Shift

upholstered chair

Hideaway chair remove panel

Hideaway chair panel removed

Fastmount has been featured in yet another feat of great New Zealand design. Design-conscious childcare company New Shoots and holistic design studio Think + Shift joined forces to create a comforting chair for toddlers, with aesthetic appeal.

The Hideaway chair is comprised of bent plywood and upholstered panels, which fit together in a spherical shell to provide a comforting enclosure. The chair can be broken down to fit into a small box for transportation.

In order to create a chair that was both comfortable and functional, Think + Shift utilized the Fastmount Very Low Profile Range. Designed for thin panels and facings, the VL-03 is a low profile clip set that doesn’t require special tools, instead simply mounting with a screw or adhesive.

Chosen for its simple installation and maintenance, the VL-03 clip allowed for simple removability of the upholstered panels – a key requirement when designing with children in mind. While the chair design allowed gaps between the panels so dirt could fall through, the use of Fastmount allowed the panel to be removed when they require more thorough cleaning, or even a complete reupholster of a damaged panel.

The low-profile nature of the VL-03 meant that the panel could be fitted close to the chair’s frame, further enhancing the minimalist design of the chair.


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