The following three options are recommendations only, as panel and substrate density can vary considerably. NB: A test panel should be mounted prior to large scale use.

Option 1: For MDF type panels or substrates, and medium to high density plywood
Once the hole has been drilled out, countersink the entrance to the hole to a depth of 1/16" max using the CT-12. Then, using a battery drill and the appropriate install tool, screw the clip into the hole while exerting pressure onto the drill.

Option 2: For very dense hardwood panels and substrates
For the male clip LP-M8A, substitute the 3/8" hole size with a 0.41-0.43" hole. Apply some epoxy glue to the threads of the clip and using a battery drill with the appropriate install tool (CT-10) screw the clip into the hole, while exerting pressure onto the battery drill. The drill size will vary depending on density of panel, so you will need to test a sample piece to find the correct drill size for your project.

Option 3: For very dense hardwoods
Use a surface mount male clip. Match this clip with the female clip mounted in the frame or substrate.

Alternatively, use the Metal Range. The metal construction means it will screw into most very hard materials right up to solid fibreglass.