How does the adhesive fix work?

Fastmount adhesive-fix clips are designed with a SuperGroove® backing, which mechanically engages into a suitable 2 part epoxy adhesive. Tests should be done with the adhesive chosen and the panel / substrate type to ensure they are compatible.

How strong are the clips?

Our clips have pull-out loads (strength) ranging from 11lbs – 70.4lbs. The clip’s pull-out load is noted on its Product Sheet. Each clip has been third-party tested by SGS, to demonstrate its pull out and shear loading. SGS Reports can be downloaded here.

Why do clips occasionally break?

As male clips can be broken due to mishandling, please ensure male clips are not installed until the final fit. If installation is required off-site, we recommend the use of the PC-VM1, PC-VMX, LP-SMX or Very Low Profile Range. We recommend that you regularly monitor...