The Fastmount Finish: See our Panel Mounting Solutions In Action

March 22, 2024

There’s nothing we love more than to see our product in action!

It’s great to see so many of our valued customers showing how they’ve used Fastmount in their projects – we’re always impressed by the innovation and the creativity.

These are just a handful of the projects we’ve seen posted over the years that have mentioned us. If you’ve used Fastmount and have some photos or videos – let us know! We’d love to feature your project.

Odd Life Crafting – Van Conversion

Duca and Roberta of Odd Life Crafting explored using Fastmount’s panel mounting system for their van conversion, so they could both secure cabinets to the wall frame but still access behind them whenever needed. They even visited our French Distributor Domarine to get a first hand run down of how it all works! We love how they’ve integrated Fastmount products, and can’t wait to see how the rest of the project plays out.

Matt Risinger – Easy Access Panel Build

Matt Risinger features our PS-S150E PanelSafe Easy Fit Surface Mount in his video series about renovating his own home. Matt uses the PanelSafe mount on the access panel in his pantry, to secure the panel when removing to access the wiring.

Skip to 2 minutes for the PanelSafe install explanation.

Bao Loi – Hidden Storage Wall

Bao Loi of Design Craft used Fastmount clips to create an incredible entertainment wall with hidden storage panels throughout his living area, as well as a hidden door.

Wil Fisher AKA @Yacht_Carpenter

Wil uses a range of Fastmount clips for securing pilot house panels and the dash system, to enable easy access behind all the panels.

Clark Bardsley Design – Artwork Display System

Clark Bardsley Design used our clips for this innovative artwork display at Botany Town Centre in Auckland. The male clips are installed on the artwork panels and then simply connected through the holes in the display to the female clip.

Boatholic – Boat Restoration Project

In episode 17 of their Boat Restoration Project for the Sealine SC35, Boatholic focusses on Fastmount products and their efficacy. They discuss a wide range of clips from the Standard range – including the PC-SF1, PC-RF1, PC-SM2, PC-SM2H, PC-F1A, PC-M18 and PC-M2H. We’ll let you watch for yourself, but safe to say they were pleased with the outcome!

Skip to 6:40 for the installation.

Matt Risinger – Stratlock Demonstration

Matt Risinger is back with another great Fastmount feature – this time of our Stratlock Range. Matt brilliantly displays the versatility and flexibility of the Stratlock Rail System – it’s really worth a watch!

Kahn Harris-Ellis AKA @Building_and_BBQ

Love this feature wall that Kahn has created for a client using Fastmount! Beautiful and clean finish, thanks to the use of our hidden panel fixings.

To see more examples of the ‘Fastmount Finish’ please visit the Case Studies section of our website.

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