Soft furnishings, fitted hard and fast

May 24, 2016

As the global leader in panel mounting systems, Fastmount has already made it easier to remove and replace panels. Now it has found a way to do the same with soft furnishings with the release of the TC-06 clip set from the Textile Range.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Textile Range was created in response to demand for a purpose built solution for mounting interior and exterior furnishings on superyachts. The TC-06 is the first clip set released in the range.

Exterior cushions on superyachts have it hard – they are subject to wind, storms, salt and sun. Add to that their constant removal and replacement according to cleaning schedules, owner arrival and departure and protection, it becomes a time-consuming task for the crew as they battle with push studs, hook and loop strips, or rope tracks.

When the cushions are set out again, they need to be checked for perfect placement, readjusted and replaced. At high speeds they can lift, and when owners sit on them they can slide and distort.

The TC-06 has been designed with these conditions in mind, purpose built for day bed mattresses, seat cushions, back rests and bases. With the use of TC-06 clips, the furnishing can be locked into place securely, and removed rapidly with the click of a button. The result is perfect alignment, every time.

Stitched by the upholsterer to the base of the cushion, the TC-F6 is a plastic tri-sided clip that locks into the male to hold the cushion securely in place. The male TC-M6 is a low profile 20mm diameter plastic stud, which screws into the fiberglass, timber or metal deck moulding.

The user can simply align, push and click to lock the cushion into place. To combat large, exposed cushions coming adrift in strong winds, the clip incorporates a mechanical locking system, requiring the user to ‘unlock’ the female clip. It is unlocked by sliding the TC-R6 removal tool or a finger under the cushion to disengage one of the three buttons.

Discussions with a leading superyacht yard in the UK lead Fastmount to the initial design. “They found that the forward day bed mattresses and exterior seating cushions were arduous to remove and replace, meaning that crew were having to battle with heavy-duty metal domes or hook and loop fastenings, which would often blow off at high speeds,” says Gregg Kelly, Managing Director of Fastmount. “The key advantages we wanted were simple installation, quick removal and replacement of the cushion, and for it to be corrosion-proof.”

After receiving encouraging feedback on the prototype at METSTRADE 2015, the clip spent six months in development and testing. During this time, Fastmount worked with New Zealand based marine upholsterer Boat Cover Company to develop a mounting system that was straightforward for the upholsterer, installer and end user.

Steve Fleming, Director of the Boat Cover Company comments, “There are many ways of attaching cushions on superyachts, but none of those are purpose-built solutions. It is rare to see innovative products when it comes to cushion upholstery.”The Textile Range is Patent Pending. The new TC-06 clip set can be purchased from any one of Fastmount’s global network of distributors. Contact a distributor here

Boat Cover Company Website

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