Revolutionizing Commercial Architecture: The Advantages of Fastmount Panel Mounting Solutions

May 30, 2024

In the realm of commercial architecture both structural integrity and aesthetic appeal are paramount, and when it comes to panel mounting it is no different. Our panel mounting solutions offer architects and specifiers a streamlined approach to panel installation, without compromising on a flawless finish. 

Fastmount’s unique hidden panel fixings are comprised of two parts – the male and female – which interlock behind the panel to securely hold it in place. With seven product ranges, there is a clip to suit just about any substrate and panel combinations – from drywall to concrete to timber and more. The clips are incredibly robust and have heavy load bearing capacity for all kinds of applications. The most attractive feature from an architectural perspective however, is the concealment of the panel fixings once installed. No matter the project or finish type (curved walls included!) Fastmount clips will remain invisible, ensuring a perfect finish every time. 

With their reliability, strength and discreet nature, Fastmount is perfect for just about any commercial project – including hotels, hospitals, retail, offices, hospitality,commercial buildings and more. Some of our clips are also fire rated, making them ideal for environments that demand containment of fire. 

Below we examine some case studies for integrating Fastmount solutions into commercial architecture, exploring the benefits they offer in terms of installation ease, flexibility, and overall project outcomes while showcasing the versatility of Fastmount’s products. 


Museum Interior

The Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, Netherlands transformed its central atrium using Fastmount hidden panel fixings. Over 11,000 PC-F1A + PC-M2H/PC-VMX pairs from the Standard Range were used in the concrete structure, featuring striking interlocking shapes resembling lacework that let light filter in through the circular windows. The panels that make up the structure are 18mm oak veneered MDF mounted to a 15mm MDF substrate. The use of Fastmount’s concealed panel fasteners ensured precise alignment and a visually stunning atmosphere.


atrium with red panels

In the University of Auckland’s Science Center, Fastmount’s Standard and PanelSafe ranges were employed to structure the natural wood veneer panels. The PC-VM1 was used in conjunction with the PC-F1A to mount the large vertical red veneer panels, which demanded a mounting solution with high shear strength and variable gap. For additional safety, two PanelSafe Easyfits were used on each panel. This integration of Fastmount hidden panel fixings ensured precise alignment and a seamless, visually impressive installation throughout the atrium, demonstrating Fastmount’s effectiveness for vertical applications.


This project was all about combining traditional with modern – keeping some original components of the existing church architecture intact, while integrating the modern designs for the hotel. Fastmount’s Stratlock and Textile Ranges were used throughout the hotel, from mounting headboards and feature panels in guest rooms to installing the booth seating in the restaurant. 


Gucci Schipol

A brilliant example of the aesthetic appeal of Fastmount is the use of the Stratlock range in the Gucci storefronts at both the Schipol Airport in Rotterdam, Netherlands and Milan Malpensa Airport in Italy. The iconic lattice-detail marble panels mounted on the store’s external walls were attached with the SL-FC and SL-M18, which were the perfect match for these panels given their heavy load bearing capabilities but also because they allow for easy removal and replacement of the panels for maintenance or transport. 


Opulence and precision were paramount when creating the Minotti Studio – a collaboration between Minotti HQ in Milan (known for their design excellence) and Knight Associates, in conjunction with ECC. Fastmount’s Standard Range was used in this project to mount both the luxurious wood and upholstered fabric panels, ensuring that the sleek finish and lavish feel of the showroom remained intact.


The leather and metals panels that comprise the lounge seating modules in the United Airlines Lounge in Houston were manufactured in Italy and then shipped to Houston. Damage during transport is a risk in these scenarios but Fastmount’s panel mounting solutions allow for easy assembly and disassembly of the panels, allowing for the high end finishes to be protected during shipping. Given that the seating modules live in such a high traffic environment, the removability is also a huge plus for being able to easily replace any worn or damaged panels, keeping the area looking fresh and sleek. The Low Profile range was used for the seating modules, perfect for when you want less space between panel and substrate.


Both function and aesthetics demanded attention in this project, which was the renovation of a school gymnasium in France. Installation of the ceiling panels was subject to various considerations, both from a safety standpoint as well as acoustic implications related to the activity in the gym. To overcome these challenges the builder decided on the Stratlock Rail System to be able to create a custom framework that could be easily installed, allowing for precise alignment of the negative detail in the panels. PanelSafes were used to ensure the ceiling panels were extra secure.

Each of these examples show just how versatile Fastmount’s panel mounting solutions can be for use in commercial architecture, offering reliability, efficiency and a sleek aesthetic for your project. Fastmount’s hidden panel fixings both facilitate and revolutionize the seamless combination of aesthetics and functionality in architectural spaces.

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