New LP-SMX launched ahead of SICAM

October 11, 2019


Fastmount releases new solution for heavyweight panels

Continuing their trend of working closely customers to drive innovation, Fastmount, leader in hidden panel mounting systems, has released their new LP-SMX, adding a low profile yet high performance clip to the Low Profile Range.

The new LP-SMX is a low profile, screw fix male clip that offers an extra-heavy duty 15kg pull out load, making it ideal for both heavyweight and large thin interior panels. The LP-SMX is the third clip across Fastmount’s range of products that provides such a heavy-duty fixing.

While the Low Profile Range covers a wide range of panel mounting solutions, it was the only range by Fastmount that didn’t yet offer a heavy-duty option for installers. Working closely with their Italian distributor, Promotech Italia, they learnt that there was a large demand for a new male in this range that could be used easily in all areas of an interior fitout – without having to use a variety of different clips.

“We really see this being taken up by designers and installers that are after a bit of a ‘one size fits all’ solution – it is low profile, incredibly easy to install, and great for pre-installation and flat packing due to its extremely durable head design,” comments Gregg Kelly, Managing Director & Head of Innovation at Fastmount. “An additional feature is that there is a pin on the back of the clip, which drops seamlessly into the mark on the panel made by the CP-08ST centrepoint, making location of the clip onto the panel rapid.”

Fastmount recommends the LP-SMX to be used in conjunction with their LP-AF8A female, a clip that allows 8mm of supported panel adjustment, providing a flexible yet heavy duty panel mounting option.

The Fastmount LP-SMX from the Low Profile Range will be debuted at architectural show SICAM Pordenone in Italy next week (Hall 10, D16), and demonstrated on Fastmount’s stand 02.224 at METSTRADE in Amsterdam from 19-21 November. The clip will be available for purchase from authorized Fastmount distributors worldwide from mid October.

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