Going from strength to strength with the TC-F6H

May 30, 2018


As the leader in panel mounting systems, Fastmount® has found that bigger may not always be better, but stronger certainly is with the release of the new TC-F6H for upholstery.

Having released the Textile Range two years ago to the marine market, Fastmount has responded to customer feedback, by designing and manufacturing their strongest upholstery fixing available.

Building on the Textile Range’s goal to create a secure fastening of cushions combined with rapid removal, the TC-F6H is an evolution of the TC-F6, providing the same fundamental benefits, but improving on two key areas: strength and ease of fitting and removal.

Replacing previous attachment methods such as hook and loop tape, the sew-on female clip which is composed of a white housing and translucent slide-lock, makes high loading a priority while making the clip effortless to engage and disengage for yacht crew, who often spend large amounts of time removing and replacing cushions on deck.

Featuring an intuitive slide-lock mechanism, the clip allows the cushion to be physically ‘locked’ into position by simply sliding the transparent slide lock into the housing. This action locks the TC-F6H onto the male clip, giving a mechanical connection between the cushion and the deck. The slide lock is then pulled towards the edge of the cushion to release the connection and remove the cushion swiftly. This mechanical lock creates a 23kg break out load when used with male clips TC-SM6 or TC-M6. The slide-lock device is fully replaceable even when the TC-F6H is sewn onto the cushion.

“Cushions on superyachts, particularly exterior ones, can undergo extreme wind force, so it was essential for us to offer an even stronger solution for extra peace of mind. We have created a solution that is more than triple the strength of the TC-F6 with a 30% reduction in thickness for a lower profile, and a simpler sew on geometry for ease of use from production to presentation,” says Gregg Kelly, Managing Director of Fastmount.

Fastmount worked with French company, PIH Upholstery, a key player in industrial upholstery for French shipyards, who tested the new clip on a new project.

“We are impressed with a number of qualities of the TC-F6H clip, such as automated parallel sewing that saves cushion production time, the intuitive slide lock mechanism that means a removal tool is not required, and the quick fitting for the end user,” comments Olivier Gageot, Technical Manager at PIH Upholstery.

The TC-F6H is patent pending, and is available now from any Fastmount’s 35 distributors worldwide. www.fastmount.com

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