Fastmount wins Nautical Tourism Award

December 20, 2023

The Nautical Tourism Awards 2023 celebrates those exceeding within the nautical, coastal, and marine tourism markets. Yacht charters, water sports companies and fishing expeditions are a few of the diverse areas featured in the programme. 

This year, Fastmount has taken home the award for Best Marine Panel Mounting Fasteners Manufacturer 2023.

The Nautical Tourism Awards are hosted by LUXlife Magazine, a premium lifestyle publication founded in 2015 focussing on a range of topics within the luxury lifestyle industry, such as fashion, beauty, fine dining, travel, luxury real estate and more.

We are thrilled to have been selected for this award and thank LUXlife for the opportunity to be featured.

See full list of winners here.

About Fastmount

Fastmount, a leader in the luxury marine sector, redefines panel installation for yachts. Renowned for precision and innovation, its hidden mounting systems bring elegance to interiors. With a commitment to engineering excellence, Fastmount ensures durability in the harsh marine environment. Versatile solutions accommodate various materials and design needs, allowing for easy removal and reinstallation. The aesthetic appeal is heightened by the absence of visible fixings, aligning seamlessly with evolving design trends. Fastmount’s sustainability focus, using eco-friendly materials, reflects a forward-thinking approach. In a world where every detail matters, Fastmount remains the go-to choice for those seeking sophistication and quality in marine craftsmanship.

About Luxelife

LUXlife magazine is a prestigious publication that focuses on luxury lifestyle, businesses, and experiences. Recognized for its commitment to showcasing excellence and innovation across various industries, LUXlife provides readers with insights into the world of high-end products, services, and destinations. The magazine often features interviews with key industry leaders, highlights exceptional achievements, and offers a curated look into the finer aspects of luxury living.

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