Fastmount used in Naturalis

December 12, 2019


The new Naturalis Natural Biodiversity Center in Leiden, Netherlands, has used 11,000 Fastmount clip sets in its lattice-panelled atrium, which is 36 metres high.

Designed by Neutelings Riedijk Architects in collaboration with fashion designer Iris van Herpen, the entire Naturalis project covers a total of around 38,000 m2 of which 18,000 m2 is of renovation and 20,000 m2 is of new construction.

With the interior fitout completed by Harryvan Interieurbouw, the Naturalis uses Fastmount panel mounting systems in the ‘Kroongevel’, or Atrium of the building. The panels that line the latticed 36 metre high atrium are 18mm oak veneered MDF mounted to a 15mm MDF substrate, using a total of 11,000 PC-F1A + PC-M2H/PC-VMX sets from Fastmount’s Standard Range.

“We needed a solid and blind fixing off the wall panels, which we could easily program within the model/shape of the panels on our CNC machine. Fastmount has a wide range of hidden fixing clips, which fitted the job perfectly. At Naturalis in Leiden, we used 11,000 sets of hidden clips for the shaped wall panels in oak veneer at the stunning Atrium,” commented Peter Dijkman, Engineer at Harryvan Interieurbouw.

“The Naturalis project demonstrates how many of our customers these days are using CNC machining for their panels in large scale projects, and how seamlessly our clip systems can be integrated to speed up installation time,” said Gregg Kelly, Managing Director and Head of Innovation at Fastmount.

Celebrating its 15th year manufacturing world-leading hidden panel mounting systems, the Naturalis project shows how a product once designed for the superyacht industry has been able to tack into a new field globally with success, whilst maintaining product manufacture in New Zealand.

Harryvan Interieurbouw worked closely with Fastmount distributor Kroon B.V. in the Netherlands for technical support and product supply.

See the Naturalis Case Study page for more photos.

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