Fastmount announces new distributor in Africa

December 10, 2016


Fastmount has signed on its first African distributor, Dynamic Supply Systems (Pty) Ltd, based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Dynamic Supply Systems joins Fastmount’s 23 other distributors that service 45 countries worldwide in the marine, architectural, recreational vehicle and aviation sectors.

Dynamic Supply Systems (DSS) is a newly established company, formed specifically to distribute Fastmount products in South Africa to the architectural and marine markets. Born as a sister company to OCTANORM South Africa, DSS brings a wealth of expertise to supply high quality, ‘first time right’ panel mounting solutions. DSS will be the sole distributor of Fastmount in South Africa.

Dynamic Supply Systems’ draws on experience in aluminium exhibition systems, shop fitting and interior design; as well as wall, ceiling and door solutions developed for pharmaceutical and electronic clean room environments.

“Why we wanted to become a Fastmount distributor is quite simple. Fastmount caught our eye as the perfect solution to clad walls, ceilings and various other structures with different panels and materials,” says Beert Kuiken, Director of DSS. “We jumped at the opportunity to distribute the Fastmount product locally as we believe there is a need in the local market for this type of solution.”

Fastmount is confident that DSS’ knowledge of the architectural and industry sectors will pave the way for increased growth in the South Africa region. With existing customers in the architectural and marine sectors based in the area, Fastmount looks forward to being able to provide face-to-face technical support to the region.

“We are pleased to have a distributor in South Africa that can service our existing marine customers and push into new architectural sectors,” says Gregg Kelly, Director of Fastmount.


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