The Fastmount® story began with Founding Director Gregg Kelly, a boat builder who was running a panel upholstery and installation business in Auckland, New Zealand. While fitting out superyacht interiors, he found a need for a new system to replace the hook and loop fastening that was often used.

At the time, removable interior panels on yachts faced a number of problems, such as the inability to be precisely or securely positioned, panels sagging or falling down and the time required to install them. Gregg saw this as an opportunity to develop a purpose-built solution, so collaborated with designer and engineer Ron Hanley to design the Fastmount Panel Mounting System, introducing the PC-M1B and PC-F1A clip set as the company’s first products. 

17 years, 7 product ranges and 45 clips later, with 500+ boatyards in over 40 countries using the Fastmount Panel Mounting System, its exceptional performance in the marine sector has since attracted companies in the architectural, recreational vehicle and aviation industries.

With a global distribution network, Fastmount can now be found behind the panels of superyachts, residential and commercial buildings, furniture, campervans and private planes worldwide.