The Spencer Marine built Rayglass boats are known for their ability to withstand severe weather conditions; resulting in extreme G-forces being exerted on panels attached to the ceiling of the cabin. The Fastmount Panel Mounting System was introduced to Spencer Marine eighteen months ago. After trialing the system, they found Fastmount was an excellent solution.

"I found the Fastmount panel mounting systems solved a problem we experienced with traditional mounting applications. The hook and loop tape failed to perform in rough conditions. One of our biggest problems was attaching hook & loop tape to the GRP ceiling liner. With some of these boats exported offshore there was a real need for a better system," said Richard Spencer, Director of Spencer Marine.

"By using the Fastmount Panel Mounting system on all ceiling panels, the incidence of panels falling down at sea is almost eliminated" says Richard

Spencer marine have completed twelve of the Rayglass 4000 Legend Series powerboats using the Fastmount panel mounting system with great success. This industrious yard shows no sign of slowing down and Fastmount is delighted to be associated with them.