The Awards celebrate business success in the world and recognises professional excellence and innovative practice with exceptional export success in international markets.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand, the Fastmount product range has expanded to offer 3 systems. Last year, Kelly and Hanley developed the Low Profile System. Launched at the 2011 Buildex NZ it was awarded product of the show.

Fellow director Ron Hanley says “We’re very proud the Fastmount solution has been embraced across the globe. Our design mantra is clever but practical thinking and we love it when customers say “I wish I'd thought of that – it’s such a clever, simple idea”.

The company’s vision to set the world standard for removable panel-mounting systems is fast being realised. The patented and EU design registered system is specifically designed to perform on land, sea and in the air; and ideal for industries and customers with demanding performance requirements.

The Fastmount footprint is kept to a minimum by having internet based systems. This also means the business can be operated from any location in the world enabling Fastmount to easily provide on-site support to their global distributors and clients with no business disruption.

Fastmount was established in 2004. Ninety five percent of their revenue is off shore. The company’s largest markets are in Europe. Kelly says, “Working closely with our international network of agents and distributors has been vital to our success. It’s all about teamwork”.

Fastmount has experienced steady growth despite the global downturn, working closely with their worldwide network of distributors and listening to their customers.

There is plenty of potential globally with several innovations sparked from clients and distributors sharing a problem, and Fastmount moving swiftly to design the right solution. With Fastmount, there are endless applications – only limited by your imagination and commonsense