Viareggio, Tuscany is one the global hubbs for boatbuilding.

Claudio Giampaoli, Director Promotech said "They loved the constant innovative thinking reflected in the new Fastmount products and the continuous improvements in some of the existing clip systems".

Fastmount launched 2 products in 2010:

Surface Mount Heavy Duty clip (PC-SM2H). A heavy duty version of the standard surface mount clip. Designed for use with where installers prefer an adhesive fix, with increased loading. It is ideal for new composite materials.

Side Mount Female clip (PC-RF1) Ideal for applications that require side mounting, such as refit, cabinet construction, securing floor panels.

"They were particularly inspired by the innovative use of Fastmount for Bulgari's™ 125th anniversary exposition in the Gran Palais, Paris, France. The BVLGARI structures comprise a series of fifteen 8.5 metre high pyramid shapes constructed to replicate complex diamond cuts. Using Fastmount panel mounting systems, the mirror finish panels are positioned below the Gran Palais glass roof to create special light effects on the diamond like structures".