Suitable for covered, painted & prefinished panels; ceiling, wall, & exterior panels; and can be installed into a variety of substrates.

Specifically designed to be screw fixed to the side of the frame, the PC-RF1 Side Mount Clip requires no special install tools and is an extension to the existing range of Fastmount panel mounting clip systems.

Typical of the Fastmount clip systems, the PC-RF1 allows for flexing & expansion of panel & support and ensures panels can quickly and easily be removed & refitted in any sequence to exactly the same location every time. Check out the Fastmount clip selection guide.

Versatility is a key feature of PC-RF1 offering a range of mounting options, and works with all existing Fastmount male clip types: self tapping, adhesive fix, heavy duty, high sheer strength & variable gap options. Refer to PC-M1, PC-M2H, PC-SM2, VS-M1. For users already familiar with the Fastmount clip system, the PC-RF1 adds to the range of mounting applications whilst continuing to deliver a superior performance.

To learn more about and/or to trial the PC-RF1 side mount female clip, visit TRIAL KITS - CT-16T Side Mount clip trial pack. Includes clips, product & installation information, install tool plus a variety of clips.

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