The panel is suspended below the ceiling for convenient servicing behind the panel or for controlled removal of the panel by releasing the wire. No maintenance is required and labour required to access panels is significantly reduced.

"Our customers told us removing and handling these panels, specifically large heavy panels requires several crew members and often results in damage to panels or other fixtures." says Kelly, Fastmount Director & co-designer.

"The Fastmount PanelSafe solution allows a single crew member to easily access behind, or remove a panel. It is completely hidden when the panels are in place allowing a perfect finish. The system provides extra security to stop panels falling in critical areas such as fire exit corridors, or above valuable art work," adds Kelly.

Typical applications include large & heavy panels; inspection and service panels; panels above valuable assets such as furniture & artwork; and use in fire egress paths to prevent panels from falling during fire exit. PanelSafe is for use with Fastmount system clips and installation tools making it easy to install and understand.

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PanelSafe is made from corrosion resistant aluminium & stainless steel and custom lengths available to meet differing requirements.