The Textile Range has been specifically designed for the mounting of soft textiles to hard surfaces. The hidden system locks into place, and can only be removed by unlocking the clip, providing added security under high winds and seas. Makes cushions simple to install, remove and replace. Typical applications include sun loungers, exterior and interior cushions, seat bases and backs. The Textile Range is Patent Pending.


Textile Clip Set = TC-M6 + TC-F6

Secure textile and soft furnishing clip system. Ensures fast, precise cushion fixing, and fast cushion removal.


Textile Clip Male - screw fix

Male clip: White screw fix male for use with #6 screw. UV resistant.


Textile Clip Male - VHB tape fix

Male clip: Translucent surface mount male with Very High Bond (VHB) tape pre-attached for quick, durable install. UV resistant.


Textile Clip Female

Female clip: flexible spring loaded clip with three-point release system. Easy to stitch onto a variety of textiles and soft furnishings.


Textile Range center point

Textile Range centre point with stainless steel tip to mark hole centre in panel for correct clip alignment. See install guide.


Textile Clip removal tool

Plastic Removal tool for releasing multiple TC-F6 female clips. Note: TC-F6 can be manually released by hand.

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