It has also been nominated for the Design Awards METS (DAME) from the 138 submitted. Many regard the DAME as the world's most coveted leisure Marine Product design prize. 107 companies from 19 countries entered DAME 2007. The winner will be announced on 13 November.

The Surface Mount products are specifically designed for the Marine industry for mounting removable thin-walled pre finished exterior & interior panels. This system achieves perfect alignment and means panels can quickly and easily be removed and refitted to exactly the same location every time.

Ron Hanley, Director, Fastmountâ„¢ says the number of services behind paneling means panels are often removed and replaced for inspection and maintenance needs. This, with new composite materials and the demand for high finishing standards creates problems for boat builders & fit out companies.

The Fastmount Surface Mount System uses only 2 components PC-SM1 & PC-SF1. It provides 3 mounting options (see images) and means the space from the back of the panel to the support frame (deck head) can vary by less than a millimeter up to 20mm. No specialized tools are required and it is self aligning.

The Fastmount adhesive surface mounted male PC-SM1 allows pre-finished panels such as composite foam cored panels, honeycomb cored panels & other pre painted panels to be installed. The Surface Mount clip uses the unique award winning Fastmountâ„¢ cantilevered ball & socket connection which gives a consistent clip fit yet allows for the movement of materials and flexing in a seaway.

The Female clip PC-SF1 provides a surface mount option onto the support frame. As well as providing various mounting options, you can also mount cabling in the cavity between panel & support frame.

"Customers are delighted with the original award winning self-tapping Fastmount panel mounting system and the new Surface Mount clips provide the same benefits. It provides a superior ceiling finish with perfect panel alignment every time. Panels can quickly & easily be removed & refitted to exactly the same location time after time. There is none of the creep or sagging associated with using other systems. Panels can be installed & removed in any sequence," added Hanley.

The new products also integrate with the original self-tapping Fastmount panel mounting system giving customers a range of panel mounting options depending on their needs.