Perfect for mounting removable thin interior wall panels and facings, these clip sets require less depth compared to other Fastmount™ ranges. No special installation tools are required. Designed and made in NZ the clip sets may be adhesive and/or screw fixed. Ideal for mounting panels where no drilling is preferred. Typical applications include interior wall panels, bed heads, inspection panels and furniture.


Outil de dépose de panneaux habillés

Outillage de dépose de panneaux habillés en inox. Ne pas utiliser avec des panneaux peints.


Ventouse de dépose de panneaux peints (40kg par ventouse, vendue par 2)

Ventouse de dépose des panneaux peints et laqués. Toujours utiliser 2 ventouses pour contrôler la dépose du panneau.


Panel Removal Tool with hook

Dual purpose reinforced stainless steel tool with fold down hook for use with lacquered and/or textured panels.

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