Specifically designed to evaluate Fastmount® removable panel mounting systems. Trial kits are available for each Fastmount range and typically include tools, product samples, installation and technical information. For advice on the clip system to best meet your need, please email info@fastmount.com with a brief description of the panel type and substrate.


Panneau demo A5 Gamme Standard

Présente la gamme Standard : PC-F1A, PC-M1B, PC-M2H, PC-SM2, PC-VM1, PC-RF1. Comprend le CT-05 outil de dépose de panneaux.


Panneau demo A5 Gamme Low Profile

Présente la gamme Low Profile : LP-F8, LP-M8A, LP-SM8AS et LP-AF8A.


Panneau demo A5 Gamme Very Low Profile

Présente la gamme Very Low Profile: VL-F3, VL-M3, VL-F3H et VL-M3H.


Kit d'evaluation de la Gamme Standard complet avec les clips et outils

Comprend: 12 x PC-F1A, 12 x PC-M1B, 4 x PC-M2H, 4 x PC-SM2, 4 x PC-SM2H, 2 x PC-VM1, 2 x PC-VMX, 4 x PC-RF1, 4 x PC-SF1, 4 x CP-01ST, CT-08 1 x A5 catalogue. Comprend les spécifications techniques et les guides d'installation.


Low Profile Range Trial Kit complete with clips & tools

Comprend: 12 x LP-F8, 4 x LP-DF8, 4 x LP-AF8A, 8 x LP-M8A, 4 x LP-SM8As, 4 x CP-08ST, LP-08Y et A5 catalogue. Comprend les spécifications techniques et les guides d’installation


Kit d'evaluation Gamme Very Low Profile

Comprend: 6 x VL-F3, 6 x VL-M3, 4 x VL-F3H, 4 x VL-M3H, 10 x VL-SS3, 4 x VL-CP3 et A5 catalogue.

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