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Another product we have been trying to hide. Introducing the all new TC-F6H to the Textile Range, designed to fix your upholstery hard, and fast. All with the simple slide of a lock.

TC-SM6 & TC-F6

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Fastmount's purpose built clip system for securely fastening soft furnishings to interior and exteriors of superyachts is now available in a surface mount option with an adhesive fix. Learn how to install the clips here.

TC-F6 & TC-M6

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The TC-06 is a clip set specifically designed for the demanding requirements of exterior and interior soft furnishings on superyachts.

The female TC-F6 is sewn onto the cushion fabric, and the male TC-M6 screws onto the deck moulding. The two click together to create a fastening that is secure against high winds and weather, staying in place until it is manually removed.