While all Fastmount clips feature the ability to allow for flex, and hold panels securely, the new Heavy Duty male is primarily designed to be used with bigger, thicker panels such as those likely to be found on exterior parts of the yacht.

It will find its main use in holding exterior deck head panels securely in place on large superyachts, however they can equally be used internally to hold heavy panels in place, or seating squabs and bolsters firmly in place while allowing for repeated removal.

The new clip (PC-M2H) has double the pullout load of the existing self tapping Male PC-M1 clip and testing shows this new clip comfortably holds 10kg per clip and endures more knocks & mishandling than the standard clip (PC-01).

Black in colour, to differentiate it from the standard range, the Heavy Duty Male clip (PC-M2H) works together with the existing Fastmount Female clips: self-tapping female (PC-F1. This means customers have a greater range of panel mounting options yet still enjoy the usual benefits from the Fastmount panel mounting system.

The Fastmount system achieves perfect alignment and panels can quickly and easily be removed and refitted to exactly the same location every time.

"We are very happy with the clips, they are working very well and we would not consider using anything else, they have changed our way of mounting panels internally and exterior forever,” says David McQueen from Azzura Marine Newcastle, Australia who is using the Heavy Duty clips successfully on a 45 metre refit.