The Standard Range offers hidden panel mounting solutions for a variety of applications, and includes self-tapping, screw and adhesive fix options. Pull-out loads vary from 5-15kg, depending on the male clip used. The Standard Range is ideal for mounting wall and ceiling panels where the standoff between frame and panel does not need to be kept to a minimum. Male and female clips are interchangeable within the range. Common uses: wall and ceiling panels, acoustic panels, prefabricated panels and seat backs.


Install tool for PC-F1A

For use with Standard Profile clip PC-F1A. Use to install self tapping female PC-F1A with battery drill on correct torque setting. See install guides and video for correct use.


Install tool self tapping male clips

For use with Standard Profile, Low Profile and Panel Control range. Use to install self tapping male PC-M1B, PC-M2H, PC-VM1, PC-VMX, PS-150 and LP-M8 with battery drill on correct torque setting. See install guides and videos for correct use.


Panel removal tool

Stainless steel tool for removing upholstered panels. Not for use with painted panels.


Panel removal tool painted panel (glass sucker 40kg)

Glass suction cup for removal and handling of painted and pre-finished panels. Two glass suckers required for controlled panel removal.


Yard kit 6 tools

Installation tools for Standard Profile range. Contains CT-01, CT-03, CT-05, CT-07, CT-09 and CT-10 in plastic box.


Service kit

For on-board and on-site maintenance of the Standard Profile range. Contains 14 x PC-M1B, 4 x PC-M2H, 4 x PC-SM2, 4 x PC-SM2H, CT-10 installation tool and CT-05 panel removal tool.


Drill gauge for CT-09 drill bit

Drill Gauge for use with CT-09 drill bit. Designed for depth control when blind drilling for Standard and Low Profile range male clips. Machined aluminium housing, anodised red for durability. NOTE: Sold separately to CT-09.


Drill guide installation jig for PC-RF1

Adjustable drill guide for use with the Standard Profile range. Designed for PC-RF1 mounting options.


Tap for male clips in Standard and Low Profile ranges

New product for tapping thread into hard materials for male clips, PC-M1B, PC-M2H, PC-VM1, PC-VMX, LP-M8A, MC-M5, PS-150, PS-150E (self tapping male end).


Panel Removal Tool with hook

Dual purpose reinforced stainless steel tool with fold down hook for use with lacquered and/or textured panels.

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