Experts in marine upholstery, Gioia Sails South, has found an innovative way to improve their work using the Fastmount Standard and Low Profile Ranges.

Using LP-F8, LP-M8A, PC-M1B and PC-F1A clips, the Gioia team was able to component-build marine upholstery on one of their latest projects.

In the past, the vinyl upholstery (skin) was one large piece, upholstered as one unit. This meant that if something got damaged, the entire piece would have to be replaced. Fastmount enabled the team to component-build and interchange parts.

The Low Profile LP-F8 and LP-M8A were used to attach the hard cushion backs to the pre-manufactured seat bases, instead of stapling the cover to the main substrate. This not only ensured quick assembly in the factory, but also allows the end user to easily replace damaged cushion sections without having to replace the fabric of the entire seat.

Fastmount marine distributor Spradling International Marine assisted the Gioia Sails South team to ensure the most effective clips were used for the application.

“Fastmount has become a key component in the assembly process of some of our marine seating. Sub-assembling is made easier with the Fastmount product. It’s a quality product, and well suited to our industry.” – J. Pigninelli, Materials Manager, Gioia Sails South.