Launched in 2012, fishing vessel F.V. Legacy is a robust stern trawler fishing vessel working in the southern oceans, regularly fishing in 4 metre swells and often steaming home in 8-10m+ waves.

Internal and external panels were installed with the Fastmount standard range panel clips which have ensured secure panels in challenging seas. The removability and flexibility of the clips has allowed for panels to be removed and refitted for general repairs and maintenance of items in deck heads, with each panel having been removed at least once over the last year.

'The photo is of the vessel we fitted the system to for ceiling panels and wherever else we could. We have had no breakages, even with the ceiling panels being removed quite often. We are building a sister vessel to F.V. Legacy, which is due for launch later this year and we will use the same again." - Cameron Stark, Operations Manager of Stark Bros Ltd.

Stark Bros Ltd are commercial fishing boat builders and ship repairers, operating predominantly in the dry-dock area in Lyttelton, Banks Peninsula of New Zealand.

Stark Bros Ltd