Designer: Marc Lombard

Nautitech's 54 ft sailing cat nearing completion has Fastmount clips in ceiling panels and hull/bulkhead panels. They also use Fastmount clips in the 44 ft sailing cats as well.

They use a combination of clips to achieve the perfect panel mounting, mainly the PC-M1A and the PC-F1 but also the VS-M1.The Vario clip was used on angled panels where they need a little adjustment off the frame.

"The (Fastmount) clips are well liked by the installers - it makes installation easy. Plus, the Nautitech team like them because they can show the customer how easy it is to access behind the panels", says Michel Atry, Project Manager, Nautitech Shipyards, France

The Nautitech shipyard in Rochefort (merged with CIM yachts) has more than 20 years experience building large yachts and catamarans.

With over 6000m the shipyard has 13 000m2 of space and uses modern industrial production tools and processes to ensure high quality manufacturing. The shipyard has a capacity for 100 workmen. Sharing facilities and technology between CIM and Nautitech delivers efficient and quality production.