"Fastmount is the perfect cost and time effective solution for remodelling yacht interiors," Dave Low, Project Manager Integrated Marine Group.

It started innocently enough - could refit specialists Integrated Marine undertake the complete internal refit of Black Pearl a Bertram 70 dating back to the 1970s in just eight weeks?

By cleverly utilising Fastmount panel mounting system, New Zealand based Integrated Marine Group may have unearthed a whole new way of tackling Yacht refits.

During lengthy, concept brainstorming, the team at Integrated Marine Group put forward the possibility of removing doors, cabinet fronts, bulkheads and ceiling panels from the boat while retaining the basic structure or frame work that had held it all in place.

Onto this new decorative work could be installed. Integrated Marine Group chose to employ the Fastmount panel clip system to quickly but effectively transform the interior of the vessel in the short timeframe.

They had used the system in recent projects and realised using Fastmount clip systems would allow them to build over the top of the existing cabinetry to create a completely new and fresh interior all the while accommodating the interior designer's concept ideas.

This would make the job dramatically cheaper by using the existing cabinetry shells, but would also minimise the labour content enabling the job to be completed within the 6 week timeframe to transform the interior.

The Fastmount system was utilised to attach new veneered oak panels to the existing cabinetry bases. Fabric covered wall panels and headlining panels were dealt with in the same fashion whilst leaving full access to any existing spaces underneath by simply detaching modular panels to reveal the existing skeleton of the interior.

Using different clips across the Fastmount range allowed every panel to be re covered, painted stained or varnished off site well away from the dirty and dust of a working shipyard. This minimised the need for heavy masking and the protecting of other surfaces inside the cramped interior of the vessel.

With all the dirty heavy engineering work completed and with not more than 3 days before delivery date, all of the panels were brought down to the vessel and installed in less than a day completely transforming the interior.

Dave Low, Refit Project Manager of Integrated Marine Group said "I would imagine that if we had been forced to remove the entire interior skeleton and rebuild from scratch it would have taken at least three times as long to complete.

Even gluing panels on top of the existing skeletons would have been far more time consuming and again would have been reflected in the cost. By using Fastmount and taking into account the cost of labour I would estimate that the final price of this refit could have doubled if not tripled."

A combination of smart interior design, a talented refit team and the Fastmount product has allowed one refit project to come to fruition on price and inside a very limited timeframe.