SuperGroove Adhesive™ Self Mixing Nozzles (bag of 6)

Pack of 2 disposable self-mixing nozzles designed for use with CG-5010 SuperGroove Adhesive™ 50ml. NOTE: Glue not included.


SuperGroove Adhesive™ Gun for 50ml Cartridge

SuperGroove Adhesive™ gun designed for use with CG-5010 SuperGroove Adhesive™ 50ml cartridge.


SuperGroove Adhesive™ 50ml

Fastmount SuperGroove Adhesive™ 50ml twin tube dispenser with self-mixing nozzle for use with Fastmount Surface Mount range. 10 minute cure, solvent free, non-toxic, no VOCs, RoHS and REACH compliant, 12 month shelf life. Ideal for large scale installations. Supplied with two self-mixing nozzles for proportional mixing. Use with SuperGroove Adhesive Gun (sold separately). Additional self-mixing nozzles can be purchased.

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